How do I effectively convey the hair style that I have in mind to my hair stylist?

If you have a picture or a cut-out from a magazine, simply show it to your hair stylist. This will help your hair stylist to understand your needs better. You should check with your stylist if the hairstyle suits your face shape and lifestyle. Of course, you can always communicate verbally to your hair stylist if you have very good chemistry with him/her.

Why is it not advisable to perm and color hair on the same day?

We do not recommend that you do both perm and color hair on the same day. Although there has been recent technological improvements for COSME CURL, HENA, NON AMMONIA COLOR, TORNING, we will still not recommend that you do both treatments on the same day as it may affect the quality of the perm due to several factors:
・water quality in Shanghai is not conducive
・quality of the perm solution, eg if a "softer" perm solution is used, the effect will not be as ideal
・the outcome of the treatment will also depend on your hair texture

For those who have not had his/hair colored, are there many different types of Coloring?

Generally speaking, we can categorize Coloring into four broad categories:
Permanent Coloring, Semi-permanent Coloring, Acid Coloring, Plant based Coloring, Non ammonia color to suit different types of hair textures, conditions, preference of color choice.
We use different Coloring Methods dependent on your hair texture, for example, Whole Head Coloring, Foil based (Selective Coloring), French Style Coloring, 3D Color Focus. Its best to consult your colorist and stylist and discuss which option suits you.

Some time after coloring, the roots will regrow as a different color, what do I do then?

We can choose between Foil based (Selective Coloring) and French Style Coloring instead of Whole Head Coloring. The results will be more natural and modern.
It will not look as if there is a sharp division of "newly colored" and "formerly colored" hair.
The hair roots can also try to adopt a slightly darker color followed by progressive shinier colors for the ends. So that the hair will have a three-dimensional look and feel from whichever angle. The colors can also enhance the silhouette of the cut.

My hair is damaged and dry, can I still color my hair?

At URBAN ROOTS, we go to great lengths to ensure that we take care of our clients' hair texture and condition. We will only use the most suitable Coloring Products followed by a treatment that suits your hair type. At the same time, it is important to maintain a good hair treatment and care regime at home. We will recommend the right type of Hair treatment products to our clients where appropriate.

If I have colored my hair black, and I like to change it to a lighter coffee color, is it still possible?

Yes, it is. We will firstly remove all the "black color" elements from your hair. However, this procedure could be damaging especially after the added procedure of "bleaching" before the final coloring. The Plant-based Coloring we use, significantly minimizes hair damage as compared to powder based coloring.
We would recommend that customers with highly `sensitized’ hair change their colors gradually or through a hair cut.

What should I do if my hair loss problem worse?

It is normal to lose between 50-100 strands of hair daily. For male hair loss, the reasons are largely due to change in male hormones balance, over- reactive hair growth, the roots grow out faster before stabilizing, hence weakening the hair roots.
For female hair loss, the reasons are stress, imbalance of the female hormones and pregnancy. If hair loss is due to stress and pregnancy, customers can rely on treatments to tackle the problem.
However if the problem is due to hereditary causes, treatment methods are limited. The problem can be contained with the use of anti-hair loss products to slow down and minimize the process.
At URBAN ROOTS, we have a comprehensive range of anti hair loss products (Kerastase) from France for sale ~ from shampoos, to scalp treatment serums that are for professional use.

Can coloring and perming cause hair loss?

Coloring and perming can indeed cause hair loss especially after the frequent use of poor quality harsh chemical which further stimulates the scalp and cause the hair roots to weaken. This marks the beginning of a hair loss cause. Its best to visit a reputable salon if you are looking to perm and color your hair as there are many imitation products available in the market – these can exacerbate the problem.
At URBAN ROOTS, we use top quality imported L'oreal colors from France, Japan imported Perm lotions and Plant based chemicals. Hence, you can be rest assured of the quality and safety of your Perm and Color.